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Gabrielle Pepper was a 21 year old cocktail waitress at vintage clothing children Turnberry when Mr. Weinglass met her. Her first reaction to him was "leery," as she describes it. "I thought he was a pretty wild and crazy guy, always with the girls." Once she started to date him, though, she discovered "a kind and giving person," and though their three year romance had its ups and downs, when he followed her to Aspen in 1984, where she was staying with friends, and proposed offering her a choice among three diamond rings she accepted. They settled in Aspen because they both fell in love with the area.

"I technically died, they had to put 65 stitches in my head." Somehow, Rhine reckons, that left him with an imagination that perpetually generates bizarre ideas, such as the current G cover tribute to "Jaws" featuring adult film star Tera Patrick in a "Baywatch" swimsuit, lovingly feeding "David Hasselcorpse" to a great white shark.

POTTSBORO,TX A weekend long community based grief camp is helping children who suffered the death a loved one. At Home Hospice Camp Dragonfly, staff members assist these children on their journey towards healing. The camp began Friday and wrapped up this afternoon."It made Hailey go downhill a little ways," said Robertson.

Media interest then waned, leaving all sorts of questions unanswered. Did he have some specific grudge involving the cops he shot or against the particular barracks of the state police on which he opened fire or against police generally? Fired from a job? A history of mental illness? Any mitigating circumstance?

The book consumption gets darker. By the end, Bateman attempts to turn a dead woman into meatloaf. Here we approach the grisly and infamous portions of Psycho. text >There are only a handful of torture scenes. This novel is not wall to wall mutilation; it wall to wall moral vacuity. Still, these scenes are brutal in their exactitude: There are power drills and chain saws and lips snipped off with nail clippers.

They may be made of just rubber, plastic and nylon. But for many people sneakers are so much more than something you put on your feet. They're an obsession. Serious fans are willing to pay top dollar to get certain shoes, but the profits do not all go to major retailers like Nike or Foot Locker. As Ilya Marritz of member station WNYC reports, there is a cottage industry of independent sneaker re sellers who've figured out how to make a fast buck by flipping trendy shoes.

There's also the girlish voice, somewhat at odds with some of her weightier, chewier utterances. When she tells me about the way she deals with some ofher five and nine year old daughters' more controversial clothes choices('I say to them, "Explain to me what is it you like about that?"'), she sounds like a head girl trying and frankly failing not to be bossy.

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