Great Horror Campout


Date & time Jun 2 '15
Event ends Jun 3 '16
Old Zoo, Griffith Park
Creator Brad Pitt

Who's attending

Brad Pitt


 Great Horror CampoutYou might think you're too old for summer camp, but oh, how wrong can you be. The Great Horror Campout is not where you go to sing Baby Bumble Bee and make friendship bracelets. No no, this breed of campout is where you go to experience a 12-hour, real-life night terror, where creatures you've only heard of in legend emerge by the dozens specifically to scare the absolute shiitake out of you. Show up to Griffith Park's Old Zoo with your tent, sleeping bag, friends, and possibly some Xanax (kidding)—although none of it will truly keep you safe. You will be lured out from your tent into the darkness eventually. This event is suitable for adults only. Expect neither restful sleep nor a post-campout refund, even if you leave with a mild heart arrhythmia.

The Wall

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