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Brad Pitt

The past few days I’ve been slowly but sure thinking about what I’m going to say at my brothers wedding this weekend in Palm Springs. Why is it so hard to write about family? Maybe it’s just the added pressure of having to deliver something by Friday night, but I’m feeling extremely unorganized with my thoughts. I started an outline yesterday but nothing is hitting home. Sometimes when I have a case of writers block, I will take a walk. Whether it’s walking down the boardwalk in Los Angeles or under the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, 9 times out of 10 something will come to mind.

I’m hoping that come Friday the words will find my pen and I’ll be able to fully express how special he is to me & how happy I am for him.

Brad Pitt Jun 1 '15 · Tags: fashion, la, words
You already can't spend half a lunch break without your smartphone, tablet or other rectangular gizmos of the modern age, but why would you when the key to mastering all of the great things to do in Los Angeles lies within the click of a 'download' button? Look no further for the top 13 apps every Angeleno simply must acquire for everything—for navigating the most secluded public beaches in LA and beyond, finding the nearest farmers' markets, and snagging cheap eats. You can even hook up with LA's dog-lover community (yes, they've invented social media for non-human species). You should probably start preparing your storage settings now.

Admin Jun 1 '15 · Tags: fashion, la
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